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brand manifesto

This isn’t a fast place. Things happen slow, and here slow is good. Remember, time used to be free, but in a world of hyper-productivity it’s now what we value most. But you can’t make real things instantly; physical things that you eat and drink and experience need time. At our hotel, you don’t have to have to think about any of this because we’ve been planning your visit for a long time. The cheese you’re nibbling, the wine you’re sipping, the cactus you’re admiring, all started long before you got here. We’ve been waiting for you.

Context is really important to us. We have everything we need close by. Just as we eat local food, our hotel was made using exclusively local materials, old and new. Here ancient traditions meet modern technology, and their combined efforts make us 100% self-sufficient. We believe that just because new technology is created doesn’t mean we should forget about what already exists. The future should be equal parts learning and finding.

You will leave here a more curious person than when you arrived. Sure our wine, seafood, beer, nature, surf, mountains, sea, and desert will impress you, but it’s the unexpected things that we love most. Because here, Google won’t save you. The roads are bad and you can never find enough information online. Remember how travel used to be? Get lost, find something unexpected. Then tell us all about it.

Liberate your stifled productive soul and embrace the analog. Put down your phone, have a meaningful conversation, watch a tie dye sunset. Practice single tasking. Don’t come here to work because honestly our wifi kinda sucks, but damn you won’t believe how many stars are in the night sky. Your heart will flutter.


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