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Casa Oda is set in the mountains between Ensenada and Valle de Guadalupe (or “the Valle,” for short) with views of the ocean and centrally located near the la Ruta del Vino (Wine Route). The units on our property will be simple and modern with superior quality beds, showers and high end amenities. Since we will live on the property, we will be there to personally welcome guests and help them maximize their experience.

The property will feature a main house where we live plus 5 separate guest units, with the prospect of adding more over time up to a maximum of 10 units total. Breakfast will be included in the price of each room. Casa Oda will use the newest green technology combined with the time-honored sustainable traditions. We will be an off-the-grid property, operating over 50% self-sufficient with solar cells, compost, grey water recycling, septic system, and so on. The core of the building will be made of straw bales and cob, with rammed earth walls, local stonework, and a living roof to help moderate temperatures year-round. The natural lap pool is chlorine-free, thanks to a regeneration zone where plants feed hydroponically on the water. Our goal is to use 100% local materials and operate day to day with the smallest footprint possible.

Our target market is design-minded, tech-savvy food and wine enthusiasts, who are trendsetters with an appetite for new cultures and stylish eco-tourism. We anticipate our target age to be between 30 and 65, and our guests will be made up of approximately 50% Californian, 25% other American, 15% Mexican, and 10% Europe and Asia. 



Create a simple, comfortable space that brings guests back to nature and cultivates curiosity about culture, food, and wine in Valle de Guadalupe.


Simplicity, Community, Sustainability, Ease, Warmth


Design-minded, techsavvy food and wine enthusiasts, who are trendsetters with an appetite for new cultures and stylish eco-tourism.

The land

BIG NEWS: In early April, we closed on the land! It's a stunning piece of property on the top of a hill overlooking the Valle from one side and the Pacific Ocean in the distance from the other. It's big, too. Measuring just over an acre (5000m2), we'll have plenty of space to grow over time. We're just 15 minutes driving one direction to the Valle and 15 minutes the other way to downtown Ensenada.



The feeling

Our competitive advantages

Views: The B&B will be situated in the mountains between Ensenada and Valle, with sweeping views of the ocean in one direction and of Valle in the other.

Luxury: Our rooms will be simple and modern with superior quality beds and bedding, luxury showers, and high-end amenities.

Hospitality: Since we will live on the property, every guest will be personally welcomed by us. We will also share insider information about the area and help guests plan their own unique experience in Valle.

The Brand: Our brand will be recognizable and consistent. Our website will be easy to navigate and booking online will be a breeze.

Special Add-ons: Happy hour baskets, private dinners, wine and snacks a la carte, personal driver, tour guide, daily cleaning, and special theme days and nights.



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